Monday, June 17, 2013

Well a year between posts isn't so bad is it?  lol

I'm just not one to post unfinished projects and it took me a year to do 3.

This was done for my girlfriend's March birthday - I can never get it completed on time so I never give her a year.  I had it framed at Hobby Lobby using one of their open stock frames and it was half price - didn't cost me anywhere close to an arm and leg.  My girlfriend took this picture of it hanging on her wall in her bedroom.

My girlfriend is thrilled with it as am I.  It was my first Miribilia - Nora's Letter C done on 16ct Aida.  My only problem was with the 1/4 stitches but once I got over my fright it wasn't so bad - lol

My next posting will be next month as I have another finish at the framers.

Thanks to everybody who takes the time to look at my blog and for any comments you make!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 First Finish

It was a long time coming!  I started this as my first every jump into the Heaven and Earth obsession in January 2010 as a SAL offered through the HAED Yuku bulletin board.  I haven't worked on this exclusively but off and on with other projects.

But now it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WooHoo!!  Happy happy dance!!!!!!!

Hope you all like it!!

My journey is not over with HAEDs - I have at least 3 more SALs I jumped into but I'm telling you I'd much rather work on these than easier stitching projects.

I'm going back to Floral Retreat and complete that for my son - hopefully that will be for an April posting.

Oh - and on a non stitching item - I made this a couple of weeks ago and am totally hooked on them - the owner of Cross My Heart here in Upper Arlington taught the class and when I showed it to my ceramic teacher and some of her students there were just as excited so we're going to have a class in April at my ceramic shop.  The bracelet would retail for around 100.00.  Yep expensive but you've got a mim of 4 hrs of work into it (I would charge 10.00 hr for putting it together) not including the beads and buttons (1.00 ea button from Just Another Button Co and we use 15-19) so cost wise you've got a mim of 50.00 into it

Anywho - here's a pic -

Well - that's all from my corner of the world!  Until next time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My first linen piece.......

and probably my last - lol

I had promised one of the owners of my local stitching shop that I would attempt to do linen in 2012. Not wanting to drag my angst into 2012 I found this little thing and thought - well why not - not much to it - good starter piece.

Well after all was said and done it was nothing that would make me give up Aida.

Ok - here is the picture of my linen pumpkin. The kit came with the pattern - floss - material for the back - ribbon - acorn charms - buttons.

I have a lot of mistakes because linen isn't wasn't as easy as Aida. You have to be on the correct side of the thread line to get things to line up. Most times I did but in some places I had to do some creative stitching. I also swapped out the leaves for "bling" so I didn't have to stitch them - and put a bead in for the squirrel's eye. I also left out the words "come in" at the bottom of the pumpkin. I made it into a hanging ornament with the materials that were provided - that part was pretty easy - lol

Well that's it for me for 2011!
Hugs to everyone that is following my blog and I hope to see you all in 2012!

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 2011

I've completed another project - woohoo! Whittling down my 7,450,000 charts (just kidding - lol - well sorta - lol)

This is a Hinzeit block chart called Birds. My aunt had put a sun room on the back of her house last summer and at Christmas she said she loved coming into the room in the mornings - having her coffee and watching the birds. So I made this for a Christmas present for her.

This was pretty standard stitching for me - used 14ct Aida and the colors the chart suggested. Of course I added my "bling" - there is gold metallic thread in the green leaves. In the picture it's had to tell tho. The charms came with the chart. Still have to take it to Hobby Lobby to get it framed. Will get a green matte to complement the green leaves.

Hope you all like it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 2011

Hi everyone!

First I'd like to introduce my newest member of my family - Smoky. I was doing some gardening a couple of weeks back and had tossed a rock really close to my front porch. I noticed a little gray paw come out from under and try to play with it. Well long story short - this little kitty was under my porch and now has become a member of our household.

Now on to stitching -

Another pillow completed from the Pine Mountain series. This was actually completed the end of July but I had to wait until I got my bird button. It's the May pillow - I just grab out of my stash in obviously no particular order - lol.

I changed the wing as the DMC color the chart used was almost identical to the body of the bird. I found a floss that was identical to what was shown in the picture which really made the wing stand out. I blinged the eyes and the bird house entry with black metallic iron on embellishment (glued on) and instead of stitching the bird on the flower I chose a button. Then I added 4 large buttons to the corner of the pillow to finish it off. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2010 2nd finish

Finished a second item for the month - woohoo!! I think that's a record for me - lol

I decided that after last month's project I would no longer do anything large at my "Tuesday only" group.

This is a monthly series from Pine Mountain that I believe they started last year. And of course I had to "bling" it. The sun has gold Krinik thread in it and the seeds for the watermelon are those metallic iron on bling. I'm still deciding whether or not to put some cherry buttons or ant brads on the pillow.

The chart has the ants without antenna so I just had to put them on - now if you look really really close they look like minature raindeer - lol

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011

I finally finished my 12 Square Quilt by Handblessing. This was a free SAL that was done thru my local stitching group and I'd been working on it since fall of last year (I'm such a slow stitcher - lol) Of course I didn't follow the colors suggested but I did use silks. And I'm telling you - I'd rather use Krinik than silks - nothing wrong with silks - just I found them very slippery

When I had completed it I asked one of the more experienced sewers to put it into a pillow for me. I was lucky enough to find a blue batik that perfectly matched the blue silk I was using. The hardest part of this whole project was that I limited myself to only 5 colors and trying to get the colors not to be side by side.

Well - on to the pictures. Hope you like my pillow. And I thank every one of you who leave a comment even if I don't get back to you personally (I've never figured out yet how to respond from the blog)