Monday, March 3, 2008

My first 2008 finish

Wow - I can't believe this took me over 10 hours to do. This was sent to me as a RAK from one of the members of my cross stitching group. THANK YOU AGAIN!!
I changed it somewhat. The words were to be done in green - I changed it to yellow. The backstitching was to be done in yellow - I changed it to gold metallic (not the easiest to work with). The collars were to be stitched and I changed them to beads.
I think I spent the most time trying to decide how to spiff it up and after several hours of trying this bead and that I just felt - less is more so I have just a little in the upper corner.
I also have a bookmark to do and I think I'll do a little more preplanning with my beading as I have some cute scotty charms I'd like to use. But I've got other projects I MUST get finished so this will be done later on in the year.
Hope you like it - it was really fun to do.