Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My first linen piece.......

and probably my last - lol

I had promised one of the owners of my local stitching shop that I would attempt to do linen in 2012. Not wanting to drag my angst into 2012 I found this little thing and thought - well why not - not much to it - good starter piece.

Well after all was said and done it was nothing that would make me give up Aida.

Ok - here is the picture of my linen pumpkin. The kit came with the pattern - floss - material for the back - ribbon - acorn charms - buttons.

I have a lot of mistakes because linen isn't wasn't as easy as Aida. You have to be on the correct side of the thread line to get things to line up. Most times I did but in some places I had to do some creative stitching. I also swapped out the leaves for "bling" so I didn't have to stitch them - and put a bead in for the squirrel's eye. I also left out the words "come in" at the bottom of the pumpkin. I made it into a hanging ornament with the materials that were provided - that part was pretty easy - lol

Well that's it for me for 2011!
Hugs to everyone that is following my blog and I hope to see you all in 2012!