Monday, June 17, 2013

Well a year between posts isn't so bad is it?  lol

I'm just not one to post unfinished projects and it took me a year to do 3.

This was done for my girlfriend's March birthday - I can never get it completed on time so I never give her a year.  I had it framed at Hobby Lobby using one of their open stock frames and it was half price - didn't cost me anywhere close to an arm and leg.  My girlfriend took this picture of it hanging on her wall in her bedroom.

My girlfriend is thrilled with it as am I.  It was my first Miribilia - Nora's Letter C done on 16ct Aida.  My only problem was with the 1/4 stitches but once I got over my fright it wasn't so bad - lol

My next posting will be next month as I have another finish at the framers.

Thanks to everybody who takes the time to look at my blog and for any comments you make!!!