Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 First Finish

It was a long time coming!  I started this as my first every jump into the Heaven and Earth obsession in January 2010 as a SAL offered through the HAED Yuku bulletin board.  I haven't worked on this exclusively but off and on with other projects.

But now it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WooHoo!!  Happy happy dance!!!!!!!

Hope you all like it!!

My journey is not over with HAEDs - I have at least 3 more SALs I jumped into but I'm telling you I'd much rather work on these than easier stitching projects.

I'm going back to Floral Retreat and complete that for my son - hopefully that will be for an April posting.

Oh - and on a non stitching item - I made this a couple of weeks ago and am totally hooked on them - the owner of Cross My Heart here in Upper Arlington taught the class and when I showed it to my ceramic teacher and some of her students there were just as excited so we're going to have a class in April at my ceramic shop.  The bracelet would retail for around 100.00.  Yep expensive but you've got a mim of 4 hrs of work into it (I would charge 10.00 hr for putting it together) not including the beads and buttons (1.00 ea button from Just Another Button Co and we use 15-19) so cost wise you've got a mim of 50.00 into it

Anywho - here's a pic -

Well - that's all from my corner of the world!  Until next time.