Monday, May 4, 2009

May finish "The Hunt" SAL by Pelin Tezer

Wow - I did this as a Stitch-A-Long with an online Yahoo group. This was a fun project and I thought this was going to be a "no brainer" - lol What it taught me is I CAN'T COUNT - lol I've had more hiccups but managed to finish in (for me) a reasonable time.

The color I used for the fabric was a Aida blue (can't remember the actual name) and the floss was DMS 977 which is considered a light brown but to me is golden. One of the ladies at the LNS said it was an interesting choice of fabric/floss color - hummm not sure it that meant she like the combo or not. When I asked her if that meant she didn't like it she said "no it's just not something I would have thought to put together". I kept tossing colors on the fabric and kept coming back to the 977 for some reason.

Last week I went to Hobby Lobby to pick out the frame so I knew I had a deadline. It's just a plain brown. I was going to put a navy blue matte on it but nothing looked right.

This one actually has NO BLING - yep - NO BLING - unless I can find charms this is "as is" "au natural" "in the buff". Haven't decided where I'm going to hang it but I'm thinking my living room.

Hope you all like it.

April finish

This little thing was a freebie from my LNS. It's from The Prairie Schooler. Of course I changed it - lol I stitched around the edge of the egg in brown which was supposed to be used for the legs - wow what was I thinking (or not)- lol

I did the egg in a light green verigated and then brushed a light coating of light green glitter on it so the egg would have some sparkle. I had my ceramic teacher/friend Mary do the little bow as she does them best. I did the background as a peach felt which matches the peach of the stitching.

All in all I think it turned out pretty cute and it taught me I can make an ornament.