Friday, August 7, 2009

July 09 finishes

Took me forever on getting my items posted but here are 2 I finished in July -

This is a small freebie that I recieved from my local shop by The Prairie Schooler. I finished it by folding it over a styofoam block and covering it in fabric - pinning the fabric to the block and pinning a ribbon over the seam. I did it on 16ct White Aida - I also changed the colors around - I just couldn't wrap my head around an eagle having a brown head - the arrows were supposed to be red and I made them gold as well as the little designs in each corner - and my bling are rhinestones I glued to the blue band of the shield.

My second finish -

Was also a freebie from my local shop. It was a handout from when they did Camp Gottastitch back in November (I didn't go). The design is from Handblessings ( a Eileen Gurak Needlework Design (size 39 x 38) called Valentine Acorn Birdhouse. I stitched it on 14ct white Aida using Weeks Dye works Garnet # 2264 and Bubble Gum #2275A. My bling is the pewter heart charm in the middle. I'm having a hard time finding a frame that won't overpower the design.

And for good measure I thought I'd show you all a picture of a ceramic piece that I completed last week from castware. This was base coated in black, washed in green, dry brushed in lavender pearl then cranberry pearl and then drybrushed in copper. I'm making more to sell at a local hobby shop. If you all think I should also post my ceramics that I complete I will - 99% of it goes out for sale - I'll even sell to you all but I'd have my UPS store package so I would probably have $10.00 s/h for something this size. The piece below I'm selling for $20.00 - other items I do it would just depend on the size of the piece but you gotta remember these are very breakable.

Well that's all from me this month - I'm still working on the project for my son and doing another freebie from The Prairie Schooler.


Mary said...

Those are wonderful! I love the face thingy.....sorry don't know what to call it.

Nancy M said...

Congrats on posting your 2 finishes. They look great. Good luck with selling your ceramics.

Tara said...

Very cute! Great finishing. Cute leaf fellow :)

Deb said...

I love your finishes, esp. the acorn.It looks like it has breast cancer ribbons on it.Is that right?
I love your ceramic, is it the Green Man? I think you should post your ceramics. I too am a ceramic lover but havent done it in a long time. I think it would be nice to post finishes.

CeeJay said...

While rummaging through a craft store, I saw a bunch of frames, well not exactly frames.
They were a clear lucite type that you just slipped the photo inside. They had small metal clips on each side to hold the piece together. I believe it was a JoAnn's store. That would eliminate the frame overpowering the piece. With that frame you could stitch a line on the fabric about 1/2 inch in from the edge, then fringe that 1/2 inch while you then slip it into that lucite or acrylic frame. My sister in law framed a piece I had stitched for the dining room table (sigh) and hung it in the guest bedroom. The framer couldn't get the fringe straight on one of the bottom corners, so the fringe is a bit cockeyed.
I showed her a piece I was stitching for her now daughter in law and she said it would be marvelous. She would have it framed to hang in the kitchen. Now I ask you, how do you frame a Charles Craft Showcase Huck Towel? Hmmm? I stopped working on it that afternoon. Haven't touched it since. Think I will continue designing it for myself and just give Katie a framed picture of chili peppers for her kitchen instead of the chili pepper huck towel.
Love your North, East, South Or West Wind face. We closed our pottery shop 5 years ago, but do appreciate your beautiful work.
Huggs, Cait