Friday, October 29, 2010

October 2010

Wow - where has the month gone. The leaves are falling and soon winter will be here. How many months til Spring???

The piece I finished is called Fat Bat Cat by The Victoria Sampler. I was in my cross stitch shop's bathroom and saw the pic of this (yes they have lots of things hanging in there - charts and completed things too - lol). Anywho - I saw this posted and thought "My those bat wings would be cute with glitter in them". bat has krinik black with the black DMC. I also wanted something different than the stitched spiders and spider web and as I was walking thru Michaels I found the perfect item - it's for scrapping but hey it just jumped out at me and said "TAKE ME HOME AND PUT ME ON THE FAT BAT CAT" (yep it was screaming that loud - lol)

Hope you all like what I've done.